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Sunrise the Smoky Texan

November 23rd, 2012

Super skinny girls are not as common as they used to be. It seems as if the fashion model world has great influence on the porn star world too. The movement to a healthier body is a god thing, many men are even changing their affiliations to a healthier more robust woman. This girl has more energy she can move and her bony elbows don’t hurt and her exposed ribs do not look like a third world country. Yes, that’s right, the healthy girl is now the attractive girl. Here at, we think it’s a great idea and are happy to see this movement.

Sunrise is one of those actresses that follows everything modern and sexy. Taking her start from the suggestion of her aunt who was also in the adult industry it was an easy entry for her into the adult world. It’s commonly known that beginners in the porn world are tasked with the dirtiest of scenes to work their way up the corporate ladder (yes, the adult film industry is just like any other industry). Having a family affiliation really helped to to get her foot in the door in a better, faster way.

Doc Johnson really picked her up quickly and signed to Vivid studio in late 2002. Since then she has graced the photos of sex dolls pocket pussys and recently even been a spokesperson for a line of vibrators for women. It seems as if purchasing a porn stars favorite vibrator is going to guarantee better sex! We assume dales are going well as recently there has been bullet vibrators with sunrise stamped too.

With over 200 adult films under there belt, this sun kissed rough and tumble Texan is young and robust withal the sexiness a girl needs to succeed. We like Sunrise, there are so many California girls flooding the market but the Texan is much more mysterious, sure to give you a wild ride after the stereotype of cowgirls and ranchers. Fine by me, a little roll in the hay is always fun anyway!

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