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Hot Babe of the Day – Brea Bennett

June 11th, 2010

Here’s smokin’ hot babe. She’s not that well known – yet but you can get to know her before everyone else does. She’s really up and cumming in the porn world. She’s so good that she has her very own club. Why don’t you be a member, she’ll love you for it! With a sweet college girl look and luscious shiny blonde hair, she’s a college guy’s wet dream come true.

She was born February 7, 1987, making her an Aquarius and for those who know about astrology, an Aquarium girl is wild and crazy. She loves to perform and like to try new things. She’s one of the mst adventurous lovers in bed and loves to treat the viewers to a real spectacle. If you you can be lucky enough to bed an Aquarius, you’ll never forget the experience! take the showboat nature of that and transform it into her very own solo girl porn site, turn it into a club and get men to sign up and they will not be disappointed! Add the hot Brea BNennett to you porno repertoire and be dazzled by the sweet blonde princess.

Here;’s a little more about Brea. She came to fame by being the first winner of the television reality show called Jenna’s American Sex Star. As the winner, she won an exclusive contract with Jenna Jameson’s own movie studio called Club Jenna (as if you didn’t know!) and this is why she has her own club. She wanted it so bad and now that she has her fame she’s been craving for so long, she does her very best at teasing, tempting and pleasing her club member. She’s also got 2 AVN awards under her belt (if she was wearing one)!

Show your support for this newbie, she’s around to stay and she’ll only get better, but now as an amateur you can see her potential, she has the perfect body and you can attest that to the fact that out of thousands of applicants, she WON Jenna Jameson’s show! That’s a huge claim to fame! You know that your money will be well spent when you join Club Brea.

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