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Theory of Evolution – of Babes.

June 1st, 2010

Women love gifts, that’s no surprise. If you want to get a girl to like you, give her a gift. It seems materialistic but that’s the way girls are, it dates back to prehistoric times when women were the gatherers and men were the hunters.

A caveman would go out and bring home a nice big furry saber tooth tiger head for the lady and she would swoon over it. The reason for this is because women like to be coddled and when man brings back a nice big trophy, she is impressed and likes him. This stems even deeper to the inner workings of the mind.

To continue on the species (aka have sex and make babies) woman like to choose the strongest genes for reproduce with. This means that they want their lineage to continue and then man who brings home the biggest tiger head will usually win out , he is capable and able to be the bread winner. He is strong and mighty so then her offspring will most likely end up the same way. It’s the theory of evolution and natural selection in play, every day even after ,millions of years it’s the same way with men and women today.

Women don’t like a 30 year old guy who drives a chevette and lives in his parents basement. You need to be somebody, prove that you’re capable and then you’ll get the girl;. See women aren’t materialistic monster,s but if you think ay back to natural selection, this is why you need to make sure that you’re successful. More women will choose you for their genetic line to continue (aka have sex with). Not every guy is something and of course they can have women food, but they quality of women will be definitely lowest then a man who has a good job, nice car and who can shower the lady with nice gifts.

If you want to be vagrant, you can be like an hippie guy who is detached from the materialistic world, and there are women like that who you can find, but they probably will be dirty and won’t shave their armpits. If the woman does not shave their armpits, you can be guaranteed that they don’t have their pussy shaved either Who wants dirty hippy pussy? Not too many men. If you do well then all the power to you, just wash up afterwards, but I’m talking real quality if women here. The finer female specimens want only the best of the providers which means you need to get off your ass and go something powerful and presentable and she will choose you.

It also doesn’t help to be bad looking either, trim your bead, shave and look good. Women want to good looking man to carry on with their genes so don’t get fat. Stay skinny and even buff yourself up a bit and you’ll get to pick from the cream of the crop.

Life might be harder because not only do you have to keep a good job, buy a nice car and house but you also have to find the time to work out and get buff. All that is time consuming but in the end, your prize will be worth all the effort, you can get the hottest girl of your dreams and can pick from the finest females. It’s all what you deice to put into it. Just remember the theory of evolution and life will really come into perspective and you’ll be able to get what you work for in the end.

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