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Meet the Teacher

October 4th, 2010

It’s almost time for parent-teacher interviews. We all know that’s a raging sex fantasy and why not get yourself in the mood by enjoying the teacher’s who like to perform. Maybe they’ll grade YOU on your efforts and achievements. Can you get an A?

Sometimes it’s nice to have the unknown babes get naked for you. Yes the porn stars are glam and pretty and famous, but don’t forget the little gals, the ones who like to act just as much as the famous stars but they are not as well known yet. Everyone needs their start somewhere so support the small ones and enjoy some teacher porn. A fetish is always a fun thing too, role play is great and you can get inspired on your to play teacher with your girlfriend or wife, watch together so you know what to say and how to act so that when it’s time for her to give your evaluation, she knows what to do and you can easily play along!

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