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Exotic Chanel

When you think Chanel, you think upscale European and class. That’s exactly what this babe is,she epitomizes all these features into one tight, nude package. Chanel St James is French and German giving her an exotic appeal that we don’t normally see here in America.

Sometimes you have to cross the pond to find an invigorating babe. She is a relative newcomer on the scene but we like something different. You’ve seen the famous ones but now get to know the foreign ones. She brings a new look to the table.

So hot that Jenna signed her to the label herself and she even features in a scene in one of Jenna’s company’s biggest films, she has what it takes to tease and please. She currently resides in Arizona and releases films easily accessible to the American clientele.

She was born in Arizona too and began her career as dancer in a club. The lucky club to have her! Any porn star that began their career as a dancer is a true born performer and we all know what performers can do! They can rock your world.

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