5 Tips for Great Sex

Two months into the new year and gyms are still full of people in an endless effort to become more fit and healthy. New years resolutions are in full swing. Perhaps you know some friends who have stopped smoking. Are you feeling a little left out of the personal-betterment this time of year? Here’s a fantastically fun ride: Make a New Year Resolution to have better sex! To make it even easier, follow the 5 tips below and hold on for a wild ride into a land of forbidden pleasures and fantastic fun.

1.) Read Erotica Stories
The mind is the most important tool in getting sexually aroused. Reading erotica stories trains the mind to imagine hot sec scenes & tales of passionate lovers. Reading these tales also gets your body in the mood for sex, sometime you’ll notice you may get wet down there, a good sign that means the mind has begun getting the body in the mood!

Check out this resource which features possibly the longest list of erotica submissions I’ve ever seen, you’ll get an endless supply of ideas and inspiration. Furthermore, reading stories gives you ideas on how to execute role play and other fantasies as the story describes from beginning to end a sexy encounter or theme, recreating it will be easy since all the dirty details are provided. Now track down your man and have your way with him!

2.) Toys & Trinkets
Skipping the beginner details and assuming you already have sex toys in your bedroom, this tip is helping to expand the repertoire a little bit more. We’re not talking vibrators here, time to revisit a few ideas that have recently evolved into great products that really work. An example is the mini stimulator, click for examples and check out some of the newer sex toy models fresh on the market. This is simply one example but the purpose of the point is to check out a shop together for new ideas. Skip the vibrator aisle and go for something you don’t have already.

3.) Striptease!
A real treat for your man and an unexpectedly empowering treat for you. Many women may initially scoff at this idea but once you’re up there, doing your sexy moves being the center of his universe, he’ll be drooling from the corner of his mouth, you’ll feel like a goddess. Add some sexy lingerie or stripper clothes to complete the package. This is actually an important piece of advice – you need to be covered up as this creates more desire on his part and it will also help with your confidence as you can play with tassels and letting him take a peek at what is underneath. It’s suggested to take a class to get some moves down first otherwise you could be left with an awkward performance which will certainly not benefit your self confidence!

This class example is located in Las Vegas and is one of the most shining examples, but you should be able to locate a class locally. Once you’ve got a show ready, tie him to a chair with a neck tie and force him to keep hands off while you lick his body and tease him like never before!

4.) Fantasize
Enjoying a wild fantasy is always good, accompanying the previous 2 tips however this one is taken under the covers. Pretend your lover is a knight, a solider, policeman or any other sexy character you are hot for. Pretend you’re a slave, a princess or a trophy wife. Put yourself into the moment of being someone else and thew sex is easily out of this world! Incorporating sex toys into your erotic fantasy is also a fun way to get your mind thinking in new ways. Want to role play? Adding a costume helps to put this fantasy into reality.

5.) Quickies!
Stop reading tips about foreplay, get your mind filled with quickie ideas. Look around the house, your yard or even other places outdoors and picture yourself having sex there. To leave the bedroom and explore other places adds to the excitement. Here are a few fun places to try: In the hallway, on the bathroom & kitchen counter, in the shower, on the couch, in your car. The goal here is to make it quick and passionate, like a sexy encounter scene in a movie.

Janna Petersen writes articles for couples promoting a fun and sexy love life through all stages of the relationship from courtship to dating, into marriage and beyond! Her tips are featured on several online magazines and in print offering singles and couples sexy ideas for a passionate sex life.

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Sunrise the Smoky Texan

Super skinny girls are not as common as they used to be. It seems as if the fashion model world has great influence on the porn star world too. The movement to a healthier body is a god thing, many men are even changing their affiliations to a healthier more robust woman. This girl has more energy she can move and her bony elbows don’t hurt and her exposed ribs do not look like a third world country. Yes, that’s right, the healthy girl is now the attractive girl. Here at babeoramas.com, we think it’s a great idea and are happy to see this movement.

Sunrise is one of those actresses that follows everything modern and sexy. Taking her start from the suggestion of her aunt who was also in the adult industry it was an easy entry for her into the adult world. It’s commonly known that beginners in the porn world are tasked with the dirtiest of scenes to work their way up the corporate ladder (yes, the adult film industry is just like any other industry). Having a family affiliation really helped to to get her foot in the door in a better, faster way.

Doc Johnson really picked her up quickly and signed to Vivid studio in late 2002. Since then she has graced the photos of sex dolls pocket pussys and recently even been a spokesperson for a line of vibrators for women. It seems as if purchasing a porn stars favorite vibrator is going to guarantee better sex! We assume dales are going well as recently there has been bullet vibrators with sunrise stamped too.

With over 200 adult films under there belt, this sun kissed rough and tumble Texan is young and robust withal the sexiness a girl needs to succeed. We like Sunrise, there are so many California girls flooding the market but the Texan is much more mysterious, sure to give you a wild ride after the stereotype of cowgirls and ranchers. Fine by me, a little roll in the hay is always fun anyway!

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Babes and Their Sex Toys

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It’s not enough to fantasize about an unknown babe, it’s so much better to have a real girl in your fantasy. behold the masturbates shaped like real women. I’m not talking about just a regular pocket pussy but the type of males ex toy creates with thighs and even those delicate belly folds.

real sex toyBigger is better and recently I’ve seen some full body masturbators – it seems like the sex toy manufacturers are taking this one and running with it to the point where it’s virtually impossible to hide them anymore! I’m not sure I could ever get with a full body bump of silicone, some of these weight 12 pounds or more and are like the torso of a woman. The creepy thing is they don’t have a head so it’s like having sex with the headless horsewoman, or maybe they can call it the headless whore-woman!


I’ll stick with TheAdultToyShop selection of male sex toys for my personal sex needs and won’t worry about a full figure body. I don’t think these guys will have it anytime soon either as they tend to be more light-weighted when it comes to sex toys.

I could create this myself but I’m not sure how many would actually get delivered to homes across America, being way to strange for most guys tastes but the occasional oddball out there will probably love it, dress her up, serve her tea like the guys who are crazy about the real dolls you see in japan.

I’m not a freaky person by any means so this sex shop is my favorite not scaring me with a sex toy that’s a turn off – I mean a headed woman with a vagina and ass hole. I’ll stick to my simple pocket pussy thank you very much!

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Milfy Jill Kelly

There comes a time in a lady’s life when she turns from ripe young virgin to rolling and frolicking adult and then to old milf, cougar, whatever you want to call it. It happens to everyone and it’s not necessarily the demise of the porn starlet, it just means that her target audience is changing.

I’m sure this is not the first time that Jill Kelly has been called a MILF, but it’s the first time she’s features on babe o Ramas and she’s an older babe compared to most of the other talent featured here.

Born February 1st 1971, as of today she is 39. Not quite the big Four-oh (40) but pretty damn close. Think of Courtney Cox – she turned 4-0 and then the wrinkles came, the wise ass cracks and other old lady type of attitudes followed her. I’m sure if she were to be in a porn flick anyone would watch, she’s a hot cougar for sure. But back to Jill kelly.

Chances are you’ve seen her in action at some point in time. She’s been in so many movies that she;s a common actress and she knows what to do. She’s very good which is obvious since she’s been so successful for so long.

She’s been in over 600 porn flicks. 600! that’s allot of sex partners! I bet she gives great head! She’s won numerous AVN awards and has been married 3 times. It never worked out but when you’re married to a woman who fucks other men over 600 times in her career.. jealousy issues could easily abound. It’s best that she stay married to her career since by now she’s no doubt a millionaire many times over. Check out the well endowed, well known jell kelly if you haven’t already done so.

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Meet the Teacher

It’s almost time for parent-teacher interviews. We all know that’s a raging sex fantasy and why not get yourself in the mood by enjoying the teacher’s who like to perform. Maybe they’ll grade YOU on your efforts and achievements. Can you get an A?

Sometimes it’s nice to have the unknown babes get naked for you. Yes the porn stars are glam and pretty and famous, but don’t forget the little gals, the ones who like to act just as much as the famous stars but they are not as well known yet. Everyone needs their start somewhere so support the small ones and enjoy some teacher porn. A fetish is always a fun thing too, role play is great and you can get inspired on your to play teacher with your girlfriend or wife, watch together so you know what to say and how to act so that when it’s time for her to give your evaluation, she knows what to do and you can easily play along!

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Exotic Chanel

When you think Chanel, you think upscale European and class. That’s exactly what this babe is,she epitomizes all these features into one tight, nude package. Chanel St James is French and German giving her an exotic appeal that we don’t normally see here in America.

Sometimes you have to cross the pond to find an invigorating babe. She is a relative newcomer on the scene but we like something different. You’ve seen the famous ones but now get to know the foreign ones. She brings a new look to the table.

So hot that Jenna signed her to the label herself and she even features in a scene in one of Jenna’s company’s biggest films, she has what it takes to tease and please. She currently resides in Arizona and releases films easily accessible to the American clientele.

She was born in Arizona too and began her career as dancer in a club. The lucky club to have her! Any porn star that began their career as a dancer is a true born performer and we all know what performers can do! They can rock your world.

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All About Janine

She’s a well known porn star, making her first nude appearance back in 1987 as the Pet of the Month in Penthouse magazine. She’s slowly working her way to become one of the hottest MILFS and is a fantasy for guys who like a pro.

Recently she made headlines in the tabloids as speaking out against Jesse james and his infidelity. She was married to Jesse James from 2002 – 2004 and experienced his ways early on. She spoke out on Sandra’s side. This publicity also re ignited some interest on her as she may have fallen on the wayside by lots of young and new upcoming porn stars.

She tried her hand at acting in her early career. She was in a few B-rated movies but never seemed to launch any further. Like many hot women who can’t act, she found her way stripping naked for photo shoots and of course followed by porn.

Vivid caught on to her assets very quickly and invested in her by making her a Vivid girl in the early 90′s. This of course catapulted her fame because of the backing of this popular porn studio.

She announced her retirement in 1999 and it only lasted until 2004. Publicity stunt? Who really know, only her and her manager know the truth behind this. Some bands announce retirement only to come back to make a tour and have more fans then veer come by. I think it was to boost her popularity, of course it worked, she was signed back onto Vivid right away and then once that expired she moved up to Digital Playground which has porn movies a little more risque then before, this was her move into more hardcore films such as sex toys play and double penetration as well as more girl on girl action. She’s had lots of success winning 7 AVN awards.

Today on Babeoramas.com we like to re-ignite the flame that you used to have for Janine, don’t forget about her, she’s still as hot as ever and does some nasty things to make you smile. Check out Janine’s dedicated website for some hot erotic action from this seasoned pro.

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Briana Banks

This girl is of incredible fame, her ass spreads nice and wide, she has arguable one of the most perfect pussies seen in porn in a long time. In fact, she’s so hot that Doc Johnson has cast her in a full size exact replica sex toy for men. Her vagina is so complete and perfect that her big pussy lips are right there, spread in front of you. She must have been a gymnast at one point of time because this girl can flex.

She’s mega hot too, the epitome of porn star. You think perfect porn star, all American girl, you think Briana banks. I bet you didn’t know that she was born in Germany, infarct she was born in Munich. Germans make great stuff, look at their cars, they are the perfect specimen, other car manufacturers make their cars after the German models and the porn star world is no different Briana banks is what other women want to be. She has no inhibitions and shows herself proudly. If you looked like that wouldn’t you do the same?

It all began in 1999 when she response to an ad to do a nude shoot. The photographer was so impressed, he suggested she do porno films, to make a long story short, that is how it all started! She climbed up the ranks after having her boob job which is a spectacle to behold in itself. She posed for penthouse and was girl of the year, no doubt. Then she signed with Vivid entertainment one of the largest porn studios ion the land. Any woman who signs on with them is an instant success.

One of her best films to date is the won the award of “Best Selling Title of the Year”, which was Briana Loves Jenna released in 2003. It’s one of guy’s favorite shows, it consist of her and the super human Jenna Jameson together, that’s a wet dream come to life. When you are searching your porno, put away the amateur for a while and set your sights on the expert porn star, Briana Banks.

Some of her more recent works that are worth watching are as follows: Where the Boys Aren’t 19 (2008),  Backyard BBQ (2005) , Briana Extreme (2009), Best Deep Throat on the Planet (2005),  Blondes DeluXXXe (2005),  Briana Banks won the best actress award at the 2008 AVN Awards  for her work in the film Layout. That film wonmany other awards too and is a Briana banks fa must-see.

She has among the longest legs in the industry, almost model like figure which is why she took tha last name “banks” after model Tyra Banks. She impresses with her leggy looks. Her chest is a plump 34 DD and anyone who has seen her with a shirt on can attest to this voluptuous figure!

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Hot Babe of the Day – Brea Bennett

Here’s smokin’ hot babe. She’s not that well known – yet but you can get to know her before everyone else does. She’s really up and cumming in the porn world. She’s so good that she has her very own club. Why don’t you be a member, she’ll love you for it! With a sweet college girl look and luscious shiny blonde hair, she’s a college guy’s wet dream come true.

She was born February 7, 1987, making her an Aquarius and for those who know about astrology, an Aquarium girl is wild and crazy. She loves to perform and like to try new things. She’s one of the mst adventurous lovers in bed and loves to treat the viewers to a real spectacle. If you you can be lucky enough to bed an Aquarius, you’ll never forget the experience! take the showboat nature of that and transform it into her very own solo girl porn site, turn it into a club and get men to sign up and they will not be disappointed! Add the hot Brea BNennett to you porno repertoire and be dazzled by the sweet blonde princess.

Here;’s a little more about Brea. She came to fame by being the first winner of the television reality show called Jenna’s American Sex Star. As the winner, she won an exclusive contract with Jenna Jameson’s own movie studio called Club Jenna (as if you didn’t know!) and this is why she has her own club. She wanted it so bad and now that she has her fame she’s been craving for so long, she does her very best at teasing, tempting and pleasing her club member. She’s also got 2 AVN awards under her belt (if she was wearing one)!

Show your support for this newbie, she’s around to stay and she’ll only get better, but now as an amateur you can see her potential, she has the perfect body and you can attest that to the fact that out of thousands of applicants, she WON Jenna Jameson’s show! That’s a huge claim to fame! You know that your money will be well spent when you join Club Brea.

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Theory of Evolution – of Babes.

Women love gifts, that’s no surprise. If you want to get a girl to like you, give her a gift. It seems materialistic but that’s the way girls are, it dates back to prehistoric times when women were the gatherers and men were the hunters.

A caveman would go out and bring home a nice big furry saber tooth tiger head for the lady and she would swoon over it. The reason for this is because women like to be coddled and when man brings back a nice big trophy, she is impressed and likes him. This stems even deeper to the inner workings of the mind.

To continue on the species (aka have sex and make babies) woman like to choose the strongest genes for reproduce with. This means that they want their lineage to continue and then man who brings home the biggest tiger head will usually win out , he is capable and able to be the bread winner. He is strong and mighty so then her offspring will most likely end up the same way. It’s the theory of evolution and natural selection in play, every day even after ,millions of years it’s the same way with men and women today.

Women don’t like a 30 year old guy who drives a chevette and lives in his parents basement. You need to be somebody, prove that you’re capable and then you’ll get the girl;. See women aren’t materialistic monster,s but if you think ay back to natural selection, this is why you need to make sure that you’re successful. More women will choose you for their genetic line to continue (aka have sex with). Not every guy is something and of course they can have women food, but they quality of women will be definitely lowest then a man who has a good job, nice car and who can shower the lady with nice gifts.

If you want to be vagrant, you can be like an hippie guy who is detached from the materialistic world, and there are women like that who you can find, but they probably will be dirty and won’t shave their armpits. If the woman does not shave their armpits, you can be guaranteed that they don’t have their pussy shaved either Who wants dirty hippy pussy? Not too many men. If you do well then all the power to you, just wash up afterwards, but I’m talking real quality if women here. The finer female specimens want only the best of the providers which means you need to get off your ass and go something powerful and presentable and she will choose you.

It also doesn’t help to be bad looking either, trim your bead, shave and look good. Women want to good looking man to carry on with their genes so don’t get fat. Stay skinny and even buff yourself up a bit and you’ll get to pick from the cream of the crop.

Life might be harder because not only do you have to keep a good job, buy a nice car and house but you also have to find the time to work out and get buff. All that is time consuming but in the end, your prize will be worth all the effort, you can get the hottest girl of your dreams and can pick from the finest females. It’s all what you deice to put into it. Just remember the theory of evolution and life will really come into perspective and you’ll be able to get what you work for in the end.

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